Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I've been harvested

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I've posted before about my writing being "harvested"--my term--for being lifted and posted on another site. Well, a few hours after yesterday's post, a comment appeared about how I could get more information on the topic of the post. Turns out the links led to two sites which consist of nothing but excerpts from other people's writings and Youtube posts and so on. Not one original word on the site but lots of ads. I commented with a request to remove my material but doubt there will be a response. I also flagged both blogs via Blogger but doubt there will be any action. I could file a complaint with Google but of course protecting one's rights takes a lot of time which right now I don't have.
It is merely a matter of principle. The principle in my mind is that I wrote it, it's mine. You don't get to take it. Even though my site was linked, the site basically uses another's work to make money. Not just mine, many people's. I don't want to contribute. Period.
In fact it has been hard to get my writing removed from previous sites. At least I get the pleasure of tilting at windmills. Probably won't get much more satisfaction than that.
By the way, lest you think I am a big spoilsport, I don't mind non-commercial use of my photos with prior permission (as in just ask nicely) and a link or other attribution. And I certainly don't mind a friend posting something to the effect of "sarala said something interesting on her blog the other day, blah, blah, blah." I just don't like blatant theft with a profit motive.
The plus side is that I did a little surfing about protection of content and one thing led to another and I found this great group called Improv Everywhere. They are sponsoring something called New Pants 2K9 which involves riding on public transportation sans pants, what else? Undies are definitely allowed, by the way. And guess what, there is a Chicago chapter (and many more, check out the site) with the main event on January 10th. No I'm not going. Too busy, chicken, shy, cold whatever. But I will smile just knowing that some brave Chicagoans are baring their legs to amuse and baffle the rest of us.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

That happened to me for a while too. Since I host my own blog, I was able to block the domain from linking or accessing my site, which seems to have worked. The site that was doing it seems to have disappeared.

Karen said...

low down dirty bums. It is a shame that people do that. As for the chicago chapter of New Pants....I love it! I will be keeping my eyes open for evidence of them on the tenth! Participate...um no way. LOL too cold!

Kathe said...

No pants?! In the dead of winter?!

Glad you're not THAT crazy (only a little crazy, which is GOOD). ;^)