Friday, November 10, 2006

Thursday Challenge--Orange

All right, did the folks at Thursday Challenge realize that Lensday had Orange as the prompt for last week? Orange is not the most photogenic color. After all how many buildings are painted orange? Is your favorite flower that color? How many orange articles of clothing do you own? And pumpkins are so predictable and trite. There was an orange house on my old street. My husband always thought it was a protest color, because the neighborhood was gentrifying and everyone else seemed to be trying to do the "painted lady" thing with their houses. I thought it was simply bad taste.
So I drove around looking for something orange to photograph. Southwest airlines planes are sort of orange but although I had great fun taking pictures they didn't quite meet the theme. Last night's sunset was orange but the color didn't shine through in my photo. Then I had an inspiration. The journal I read professionally is fondly known as the "Orange Journal." I have dozens of them lying around the house. But a photo of the cover of a journal is boring. So I looked around the house and found that even though my favorite color is most emphatically not orange, the house is full of items in that color. It took me less than five minutes to amass a pile of orange items and create a still life. My cat assisted by snooping around wondering what on earth I was doing with this stuff.
So great art it ain't but it sure gets the point across.
Colorifically yours.

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