Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I lost a post

Well, I thought I posted something this morning but it apparently got lost in the ether. No backup either. Probably no great loss.
Today is my long work day. This means in the office from around 11 AM to 9:30 PM. If you add a 45 minute commute, this is a long day with little time to blog. But there was a cancellation today so here I am. Such an addict.
This morning's post was about my post on war. Although I tried to avoid any debate about the war in Iraq, some crept into the comments made on the war post. Basically, I'm a wimp. I have my political beliefs but have a been, there done that, attitude about sharing them with you on the blog. There are too many other people out there doing it better than I can and I find creative writing more fun. Plus (here's the wimp part), I don't want too much controversy on the blog. I'm doing this to relax and have fun, not create fights. So take my meaning to be that in a utopia, I assume there will be no war; I do feel that some wars are justifiable. I just don't choose at present to tell you which ones I favor and which ones I don't.
Thanks for all the comments. I'm glad folks like my photos. I feel that when the photos turn out well, my camera should take the credit. It turns out with a good camera, digital photography can make anyone look like a decent photographer.
I'll get back to you tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, which is becoming a regularly scheduled blog time.


Self Taught Artist said...

I'm glad you wrote this post, I found myself getting worked up about the war book posts. sorry if I contributed to the beginnings of any debating. I didn't want to go there either because I realize almost anyone could out knowledge me. Good reminder that blogs can be what YOU want them to be, I feel the same way about them being more for relaxation or enjoyment.
Yes, digital cameras make almost anyone a good photographer...but you still have to find interesting subjects, NO camera can do that ;)

Robin said...

I agree with self taught-you can have the best camera in the world but with out a good eye and a sense for what makes a good photo it will be worthless.

Pepper said...

I agree with you. I blog to not only maintain communication with family members but it is relaxing.

About the digital camera. I was given one that I ended up buying a DVD on how to use it. I am currently running around trying to capture a picture of the bugs that have invaded my basement (yes RVs have basements) but it has turned cold and they went into hiding. If I do capture it, and it comes out well it won't be because I am a fantastic bug photographer. It is because I have a camera that is a good photographer.