Friday, November 24, 2006

My first Thursday Thirteen

I had a weird dream last night. It was probably triggered by the war novel I was reading just before bedtime. The highlight was that I was living in a war-torn country and had to flee to the mountains to avoid shelling. I packed the necessary food items, and what bedding and clothes I could carry (all were in short supply due to looting), but was upset because my digital camera could not be located. I’m glad I had my priorities straight.

I’m going to try a Thursday Thirteen, although the details of establishing the links seem confusing. If all those other bloggers can do it, maybe I can too.

Thirteen dreams I have (in no particular order):
1. Take my kids backpacking for the first time.
2. Study psychoanalysis formally.
3. Learn a new foreign language.
4. Learn to manage my temper better.
5. Have something I wrote published.
6. Write my memoirs.
7. Be healthy enough in my old age to play and travel with my grandchildren.
8. Learn more about my roots.
9. Retire (when the time comes) but keep a small private practice going.
10. Own a house in Provence.
11. Go on Sabbatical to a foreign country.
12. Go on an archaeological dig.
13. Hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail.


Sunflower said...

I am the first! Happy TT:-)
I dream everyday!

Skittles said...

I missed you somehow! Happy TT!

ren.kat said...

I tried tt for two weeks, but gave it up for pt. Couldn't keep up- but they are still so much fun to read.

This is a fun list. One of my best memories is going on digs with my grandfather who was taking a college course and the only "grown man" out there digging in the sun. (My first husband was an archaeologist- probably married him for the wrong reason). I hope you check off every item on your list!