Saturday, November 04, 2006

Singing in the Car

Le Temps de Vivre
Paroles et musique : Georges Moustaki
© Manèges
Nous prendrons le temps de vivre
D'être libres mon amour
Sans projets et sans habitudes
Nous pourrons rêver notre vie
Viens, je suis là, je n'attends que toi
Tout est possible, tout est permis
Viens, écoute, les mots qui vibrent
Sur les murs du mois de mai
Ils te disent la certitude
Que tout peut changer un jour
Nous prendrons le temps de vivre
D'être libres mon amour...

Teaspoon Tuesday asks for some songs to sing in the car. On occasion I like to indulge in some old French music I first learned while in high school French class. Georges Moustaki was a favorite of my French teacher and many years later I managed to dredge up enough memory of his tunes to find some tapes. Just this summer, I bought one CD (found in Italy). His music all reads as very 60’s to me. I looked Moustaki up on Wikipedia just now ( and discovered that he was born in Egypt. This I didn’t know. To me he was quintessentially French, but what do I know.
My rough translation is as follows:

We will take the time to live
To be free, my love
Without projects and without habits
We will dream our life.

Come, I am there, I only await you
Everything is possible, everything is permitted

Come, listen to the words that reverberate
On the walls of the month of May
They say to you the certainty
That all can change one day

Like most things, it sounds better in the original French.

A bientot.

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Gabriela said...

I love french. French songs are definitely fun to listen. I only know a few though, but still sing them every now and then.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, come back anytime. =)