Wednesday, November 08, 2006

All Right Now, Baby, It's All Right Now!

We used to sing this after the Stanford football team scored a goal when I was in college. Of course, today you know I'm not referring to football. It really isn't all right, what with our current administration, Americans and Iraqis dying right and left in Iraq and the likelihood that the Republicans still will control the senate (stay tuned until December or January on that one) but vengeance is sweet. Global warming hasn't gone away either. It was also a fun, cliff-hanger sort of election. I had trouble committing to going to bed last night but once it was clear that the outcome of Virginia will probably be contested for the next month or two, I decided I might as well get some rest. My first patient today is a Republican so I don't get to gloat until my second one comes in (a staunch liberal).
I have more political thoughts to share, but they will have to be deferred. Some of us have to work after all. . . .
Signing off from a Blue State.

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