Thursday, November 09, 2006

Coming in for a landing

Coming in for a landing
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I had to take my car in for service today. The dealer happens to be near Midway Airport. I didn't have anything important to do and had my camera with me. So I decided to go to the airport and try taking photos of the planes taking off or landing. I managed to find two good viewing spots (much of the airport is surrounded by sound baffles and you cannot get a good view).
It was like being a little kid again going to watch the trains go by. I could basically sit in one place and watch and listen as these mammoths went by overhead. I can't share the sounds with you, I don't do video blogs, but here are some of my photos.
Another thing about airplane photography--these mammas are big and fast. You only get around 2 shots per plane and they had better be in focus because there is no time to adjust things. So some of my pictures aren't centered as well as they would have been if the planes had cooperated and waited for me to set up my shot. It sure was a blast, however.

One problem is Blogger is giving me trouble with posting photos again, so I will only have the one photo up for now. You can click on my Flickr site to see other plane shots.

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Pepper said...

I found your blog through Skittles. Its a great blog.

I just felt the need to warn you about airports. My daughter and her boyfriend was almost arrested. They loved to go to a field outside of a major airport and watch the planes take off. One night they were surrounded by cops. I guess the cops thought they were terrorists. Fortunately they were not arrested but were advised to go inside the airport to watch the planes. Both of them were mortified.