Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13

1. Pretty Amazing
2. Musings and Free Associations
3. This post has no title.
4. Challenges
5. Athina-Athens
6. Kea
7. Belated posting of July 1 blog
8. Mushrooms and Fungi and Slugs, Oh My!
9. MeSsedTuP
10. Greek Plant
11. Tree in Bryce Canyon
12. Back to School Week
13. Belated Posting Lucca Italy

Looking at this brought back memories of struggling to post photos, trying to post from Italy last summer, wondering why no one wanted to come to my party (no readers until later), and so forth. One post didn’t have a title so I added the title “This post has no title.”


Debo Blue said...

Great list! Of course my fave is the untitled because of the descriptive narrative.

amy said...

love this..I married a greek so I appreciated this list

loretta said...

interesting thirteen LOL@no title

Lexa Roséan said...

sounds like a great trip and I especially enjoyed reading about the slugs back home:)

Malinda777 said... too...loved the No Title Post... good writing.

Denise Patrick said...

Good list. The "no title" post is great.

Pen said...

Fun list! I like the Mushrooms and Fungi and Slugs, Oh My! Slugs UGGG!

Happy TTing!