Monday, March 26, 2007

Moody Monday---Gluttonous

Rice candy-1
My entry to Moody Monday today. Not a perfect fit but the kid on the cover is a bit rotund and it is a candy box.
These candies have a story. (Doesn't everything?)
When I was a kid in Seattle, it was a real treat to go have dinner in China Town. One of our favorite restaurants was named Tai Tung (sp?). I was introduced to foods that now I find just fine raw but at the time were quite a shock--squid, octopus, and other assorted sea foods. I have a vague memory my elementary school class may have gone to China Town once as part of a field trip. Nowadays, going out for Chinese food is much more routine.
On our outings, we sometimes went to a store or two. There was one trinket that my brother and I were given on at least one occasion--it was a little wooden "pop-gun" with a cork in it that would pop out with air pressure. And as a special treat we were bought each a box of the rice candy pictured here. The candy itself didn't thrill me so much as the rice paper it is wrapped in. It looks like plastic wrap but melts on the tongue. It was so much fun to unwrap the candy and carefully put the rice paper in my mouth and feel it dissolve. It had a magical appeal when I was young.
Now I buy these candies for my kids to share my joy in them. I doubt they find it as exciting as I did. Their world is somewhat bigger than mine was. I think that is a good thing.


Pepper said...

I remembered when jokes were printed on the bottom of the grape soda cans. When you finished your drink you would look inside and read the joke. When my kids were small I would buy grape soda but they stopped doing this. The magic of childhood treats. Perhaps that is why I enjoy Dove chocolates. They have corny sayings on the inside of the wrapper. This is a good post it brought back a wonderful memory.

Debo Blue said...

Welcome home! I've enjoyed all the pictures of your travels.