Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hump Day

So Wednesday is almost over. I pulled two very long days, back to back. This is the price I pay for taking the next week and a half off. This year my two kids have two spring breaks nearly a month apart. This is making my life very complicated but we are taking a week-long trip to coincide with the high school break under the assumption that it is easier to miss time in 4th grade. We all need this vacation. The family was showing signs of strain.
Tomorrow I'll get back to blogging a bit more but for today, this is my bit. Then one week off from responsibility and solving everyone's crises but my own.
It is also great to be getting away from Chicago weather. Spring hit for around three days of sunny, 60-70 degree weather. But in the age-old mid-Western fashion, the wind shifted and now we are having freezing rain (or is it sleet or snow mixed with rain or hail mixed with rain?) and back to winter-as-usual.
See you later.

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Kathe said...

It wasn't quite that bad here today (yesterday now, I guess). Definitely colder than the last two or three days, overcast and windy. But no precipitation.