Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another great day

I am currently sitting in the lobby of our hotel. It is an open-air space with ceiling fans overhead and dim lighting, comfortable couches. I can hear a fountain nearby and a frog croaking--since it is a Puerto Rican frog, it says "Coqui" which is also its name. It is very restful and the air is fresh and cool since we just had a heavy rainstorm pass through.
One of my better fish shots.
Fish--identifying him will take some effort (some other day).

I'm working on downloading one of my better fish photos. We took a ferry today to a very small island off the coast here. The island is called "Gilligan's Island" for reasons of resemblance, I gather. The island is largely covered with mangroves and has channels of water in which you can snorkel and watch the fish.
I also took some desert photos--yes there are mangrove swamps and cacti all within less that a 1/2 mile of here. In one day I got stuck by spiny plants and photographed marsh birds. Great for the nature lover!
Hermit crab
Hermit crab convention--best viewed larger.

The bad news is all my desert photos were lost while downloading to my computer. I'm not sure what happened exactly but I gather the function called "safe delete" isn't entirely safe. The good news is I can go back tomorrow and take more photos. As my older son commented today: "If a picture is worth a thousand words, a thousand pictures is worth less than food." Being a 15 year old boy means being hungry all the time. It is funny except when he is eying your dinner.


Kathe said...

Coolness. :^)

Rayne said...

That hermit crab is so colorful! Your pictures are wonderful! I am so sorry you lost your desert pics. My heart would have totally sunk.
Can't wait to see your next set of photos.

Attila The Mom said...

Hehehe. These look fabulous! I'm soooooo jellus!

annie said...

coqui frogs are rapidly inhabiting the big island of hawaii. they "hitch hiked" from other regions. my man's folks live near hilo, and they sang us to sleep every night we were there. their sound is more bird-like than frog-like, to me.
sounds like a great spot, and a fun trip. teenagers do consume mass quantities, don't they?