Friday, March 09, 2007

Poetry Thursday--Red

Red berries

The prompt is red. As I am doing too often of late, I am a day late on this one. I am posting the poem I came up with late last night. Then I am posting one I read this morning (see below).


Seven Deadly Sins
Pride Greed Lust
Envy Gluttony Anger
Only one is red.
Carnation red. Blood red.
Fire engine red.
Why is Anger red?
What color is Sloth?

One other association I have with the word red is of course of fire. I recently joined the Sierra Club. Having grown up in the western U.S. I have a weakness for environmental causes and what with global warming, I definitely feel the need to do more. Back to the issue at hand. My membership comes with a subscription to Sierra Magazine. The latest issue has an article by Gary Snyder about fire. Here is an excerpt from his poem, "Control Burn."

Fire is an old story.
I would like,
with a sense of helpful order,
with respect for laws
of nature,
to help my land
with a burn, a hot clean

This is a good, clean, red, poem. Wish I could do as well.


Kathe said...

I like your poem. :^)

Norma said...

I like that--what color is sloth? I associate red with anger, and green with envy. Hmmmm. Great idea.

annie said...

i adore gary snyder's poems.
and your photo is lovely.
have a fine weekend!

Regina Clare Jane said...

Wow- sarala- excellent poetry here. Your's and Gary's. I can relate better to yours, though, growing up Catholic and all that... considering envy might be green, like the green-eyed monster... sloth might just be an icky gray...;)

Kathy said...

Nice photo, and poem, too.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Interesting question you pose. Icky grey may be it for me too. I like the Gary Snyder poem too.