Saturday, June 24, 2006


What I have learned in the past week in Italy is that it is easy to write something on my new computer but putting it on my Blog on a slow internet link with an unfamiliar keyboard when one still rates as a rank beginner on the Blogger site is next to impossible. Try typing an @ symbol on an Italian keyboard without professional help, for example. So updates on what I am doing on my summer vacation may be few and far between until I get home or find a true wireless hotel. (Unlikely on my budget).
At any rate, Ciao, from Perugia, Italy. Next stop Athens.

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elly said...

Hey there! Good to hear about your travels and travails thru Europe :-) Hope you find a workable wireless connection soon.

Btw, was only visiting Chicago, and *loved* whatever little I saw of the city. Am currently residing in Philly, and am not even remotely exotic... which I think of as a good thing, but then there are as many opinions as there are people :-)