Thursday, August 07, 2008

To the Dells and Back Again

Chippewa Motel

Tuesday I took my son back to camp. We picked him up last week because he still had not recovered from his GI disorder. After being seen by two doctors and one nurse, having blood tests, an abdominal x-ray and so forth, this was one kid who needed to be home with mom and dad. I have to give him credit. He stuck with it and was really hanging tough but it was time. A couple of days of mom's special GI diet though, and he was ready to roll, back to the Wisconsin Dells which is where camp is located.
I made the 7 hour round trip in one day. It was long but not too grueling. On the way home I decided I was sick of expressways and detoured on smaller roads. Unfortunately, it got dark before I could indulge in a lot of photography.
My conclusions are:
The Wisconsin Dells make Vegas look tasteful.
They have a thing about Indians. What is with the moccasin shops and native American themed motels? My guess is that there hasn't been a native American within a hundred miles of the Dells in around a century. But you can get real, genu--iiiiine Chinese-made, lead free moccasins in around 30 different stores.
Camp ends tomorrow. I hope my son stays cured. After three days of hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and sloppy joes, I have my doubts.


Kathe said...

My guess is you're wrong about there not being a Native American anywhere near the Dells. In fact, I know you're wrong, because I can think of at least two people who are part Chippewa and live within 100 miles of Wisconsin Dells. ;^P

Glad second son is feeling better!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hope your son stays well...

That's very sad about the appropriation of native American culture...

JL said...

The older sections of The Dells have not been updated since the original release of 'Hondo'.

Amazing how provincial much of Wisconsin is, isn't it? You have to realize that The Dells is, for the most part, attended by multi-generational WI residents, who really see nothing wrong with any of it: "Look, Bobby, In-Junz!"

The Ho-chunk Nation has land in The Dells for tribal housing (read: casino), and as I've been given to understand, a fair number of First Peoples worked at the Dells until recently displaced by cheaper, and Whiter, Eastern Europeans.

And hey, it's Wisconsin: of course it's cheesy.