Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

Mr. Toad

And the answer is, definitely yes! Two nights ago we arrived at our hotel/cabin in Three Rivers, California at the entrance to Sequoia National Park. At only 1200 feet of elevation or so it is still hot as Hades here but there is a wonderful little river in our back yard. The first day we were here, the braver members of our party found a water hole and went swimming. It was beautiful. The water was cool but in 100 degree heat that didn't matter much. If you ignored some slippery rocks and a bit of algae, conditions were perfect.
I was calmly soaking myself when I noticed a prickly feeling in my legs. It is the feeling you get when you're not quite sure if there is a fly or spider crawling on you or if you are just being paranoid. I checked out my legs to find that there were some small fish nibbling at me. It was pretty fun to watch and feel. Plus a lot less offensive than when a mosquito tries to graze off me.
Now only if I had had my little waterproof camera. Alas that was in the lost/stolen purse. That camera has bad karma. My last one was in the purse that was stolen last year.
Well, I hope my internet connection holds long enough to post this. Uh oh. I think not. Sigh.
Yesterday we went to see the giant sequoias. If I ever get a stable internet connection I'll post photos.

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JL said...

Well, if you can have fun in Toad Hall, of course.

Where are the Stoats with muskets?