Thursday, August 14, 2008

Borrowed Internet

Is better than borrowed time. My laptop woes continue so I'm borrowing my husband's laptop and internet access but this means no photos! So far there hasn't been much to photograph anyway but I like to head all my entries with a photo as those of you who read regularly already know.
I am currently in Bakersfield, CA. Hot and sunny doesn't quite describe the 101 degree temperatures here. I finally found a swimming pool that was warm enough for me!
We have had quite an adventure which I will go into with a bit more leisure time. Suffice to say we had some flying excitement and I am trying to go through life without a purse and all its contents. The rest of the trip had darn well better go more smoothly.
Gotta Go.
Sequoia today!


Kathe said...

Purses are highly overrated.

Would you hurry up and get your laptop's internet working again?! Sheesh! ;^)

Rayne said...

You lost your purse? I would totally crumble! Tell us what happened!!!

annie said...

Wow, Bakersfield... I did a post about it on my blog recently. Sorry for your travel woes. Ugh. Hope the rest of it goes nicely for all concerned.