Saturday, August 23, 2008

Freshman Dorm

Dorm Cafeteria

Another walk down memory lane (what a trite phrase).
The picture is of one of the Stanford dorms known as Larkin House. I lived just around the corner in the same building (Stern) in a dorm by the name of Twain House. I'm sure we were arch rivals but somehow this is less significant 25 years later.
We all shared the same food service. I'm certain the food has improved. We used to say that "Green Eggs and Ham" were invented by the Stern food service. We also learned to avoid any foods with California titles, e.g. California Quiche and Monterey Casserole. Guaranteed indigestion.
Of course, we had the occasional food fights which were fairly civil. Another sterling tradition was throwing up the pats of butter in the hopes that they would adhere to the high ceilings. Until the food service wised up and stopped serving butter in pats, it would be a special treat to have a butter pat of unknown lineage fall into your food with a loud splat.
I hear dorm food has gotten much tastier and, even healthier too. I doubt the "freshman 10" have been cured. But dorm life will never be the same again.


JL said...

Did you get the San Francisco Treat?

A Free Man said...

It's funny, I teach at a university here in Australia and because most people live in a few population centers, very few kids live in dorms - all the universities are commuter campuses. It's a shame, because they miss out on the dorm life aspect of university. That where you bond with your fellow students!