Thursday, August 07, 2008

Iowa Backroads

Middle of Nowhere

When you are the only person in the car you can turn off the highway whenever you want.

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Bonnie Jacobs said...

No one has left a comment here, so I'll do it. I kind of like this intersection in the middle of nowhere.

I'm wondering two things: first, whether you plan to do NaNoWriMo again this November (it looks like I'll be an ML this year), and second, whether the writing workshop in Iowa was helpful. Writing a NaNo novel put me in a whole different category, or at least it felt that way. I have never published anything but nonfiction, and completing a novel in 30 days gave me a great feeling, even if the novel does need to be told by a different character. Now I know something important about my story and my characters.

I hope your younger son is doing okay now. You, too, of course. GI problems aren't exactly fun.