Monday, August 04, 2008

Severe Weather

Wow! Tornado warnings here in Chicago! The worst has passed and all we have at present is a gentle rain but we had quite the lightning show earlier. I actually had patients holed up in my office for a few minutes until the worst passed by. I had to run home since my son was panicking.
I first heard our local tornado sirens a few years ago (and blogged about it here) and didn't know what they were. Today when they started wailing, the storm hadn't quite arrived yet and I was puzzled. Then the show began. A check of the internet suggested possible tornadoes to the south and north of me but none nearby. Now it is not clear if there were any actual tornadoes sighted. In fact, I'm still not sure if there were any tornado touch downs in the greater Chicago area.
News has it that Wrigley field was evacuated during a game. That must have been exciting. And passengers at O'Hare were taken off their planes and evacuated to a lower level. Of course, multiple flights were canceled.
I'm not flying until Sunday. We had to deal with cancellations on my last trip and I hope this time the weather will be kind to us.

The Little Airplane That Couldn't


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It's all good until the New Madrid Fault lets loose.

After Hours said...

Too bad for the weather but that's a great picture.

I live in California. The weather never changes here. I think it's about 80 degrees right now.