Thursday, August 28, 2008

I get around

"Round round get around
I get around
Get around round round I get around
I get around
Get around round round I get around
From town to town"


Somehow the Beach Boys seem appropriate. So here we are from somewhere near Half Moon Bay, California to. . .

Times Square

Times Square, New York City. My head hurts. I don't normally travel quite this much but right after our normal August family vacation there was this once in a lifetime August family wedding, so here we are.

Now we're off to see Spamalot. Wish you were here.


Kathe said...

Hayley and I are so jealous! We both want to see Spamalot. And, of course, Hayley just wants to visit New York...and see every show possible.

Kathiesbirds said...

In like the rocky/sandy cliff above. What a contrast with the manmade environment of New York.