Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

A picture from my whirlwind tour of Yellowstone--tried to see it all in less than 24 hours--didn't even come close but had fun trying.

Hot Pot


'B' said...

I am yet to go to Yellowstone, hek, I am still to get to the USA!!

Great photo, and thanks for stopping by... Happy WW!!

meeyauw said...

I remember Yellowstone! I was 16. "Light My Fire" was the hot song (OK I just gave more away), and I had never heard it because we were not allowed to listen to that stuff. But kids at the campground blasted it so I was enthralled.

Another first: big bear drinking my father's beer after it smashed the cooler; watched by sister and me from inside of car in the middle of the night where we hid in safety (and I'm still glad we did!).

Was that hot spring stinky with sulpher?

sarala said...

Thanks b and m. Yes, the hot springs smelled. I wish I could have somehow recorded the full experience, smells and all the various sounds, hissing, bubbling, splashing and so on. It was quite a sensory experience.

Gattina said...

I have been in Yellowstone it was very impressive especially the "Old Faithful".

BTW the pictures of the overcrowded beach are from Japan ! I found them in an internet magazine.

Joe said...

Yellowstone definitely is worth the trip. And, the experience is extremely difficult to capture with just pictures (and we only had 2 days when we went), could spend weeks getting pictures I believe.
Anyway, very good shot and I believe I remember this spot. Nice capture. Your work has markedly improved from the compositions to the tonality. Keep it going!