Saturday, August 25, 2007

See It Sunday--Cable


I knew there had to be a reason I took this rather uninspiring picture. There I was, around a week ago, setting out for a hike in Stehekin, a small community two hours by boat from the nearest supermarket. This is a community that boasts one pay phone, no cell phone service, a two room school house with 14 students from K-8, and one paved road. The area is so remote that no one bothers to update the tabs on their license plates. Now this is major to me. In Chicago, if I have expired tabs for more than a day or two, I start accumulating tickets. The cars in Stehekin had tabs that expired in the 1990's. I almost took a photo or two of this but feared that some bureaucrat somewhere would decide that the one thing Stehekin was lacking was tickets. So I didn't.
Well, back to the picture. So here is this satellite dish in the middle of nowhere. I admit to ignorance--I'm assuming that the purpose was to deliver the internet access I was surprised to find at the lodge we stayed in. I guess it could have been television. I'd rather think it was internet. At least there are arguable reasons to be on the net--to conduct the few businesses that exist in Stehekin, so people can shop on-line instead of commuting by boat to Chelan, the nearest town, who knows maybe Stehekin even has a blogger. There also is some kind of phone service the Ranger Station has--I guess they are the local fire department and law enforcement. Maybe the ambulance corps too. So I wouldn't begrudge them a phone or two.
Nonetheless finding a dish hidden in the trees behind the lodge felt a bit like Eden had not just a snake but also cockroaches and mosquitoes. Which, come to think of it, it probably did.
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self taught artist said...

I love that you wondered if there were any bloggers there.