Friday, August 17, 2007

A Change in the Wind

Blowin' in the wind

Wednesday was so calm that we decided yesterday would be a good day to go kayaking. Of course, this guaranteed a change in the weather which we got.

Windsurfing Chelan

After a windless day which allowed our lake valley to become smothered by smoke, now we can see the mountains again and, it seemed, a weather front headed our way.


The wind is welcome for clearing our air but worried me in that the local fire will be fanned. Not much we can do about it. If a storm were headed our way, it might spoil an outing or two but rain might help the fire control effort. On the other hand, it might generate some lightning which is what started the fire in the first place. I guess nothing is unequivocally good or bad. If you travel a thousand miles in search of nature, there is little point in complaining when nature pays a visit.

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meeyauw said...

what a dream vacation you are having. It's so neat to be able to follow along like this. The valley you are in is just idyllic.