Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tres Weird

Ok, this is a small thing in the big picture of things but here goes. Blogger used to have what my kids call a "glitch". This glitch was the presence of phantom comments that appeared on what Blogger called the "dashboard" but which I could not publish. I figured out how to publish all except one such comment which has been on my dashboard since, well, 12/5/06. I just assumed that this comment would be there forever, or at least as long as I, or Blogger, stays in this business. Well today, the comment appeared as a new/old comment to be moderated, a succinct comment, one word, "congratulations." That was it. I published it. I have no idea even what post it went to. No more phantom. It will seem strange not to have that one, last, lonely straggler.

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