Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Cyclist in Snow

I think this could become one of my favorite photos.


chelle said...

What a mix. The yellow bike makes it perfect. The snow turned out awesome too! Too cool!

Chris in Oxford said...

That's a wonderful winter scene. The last time I tried to ride my bike in the snow I ended up on my end.

Kathe said...

That IS a cool shot.

Carmi said...

I think it could become one of my faves, too. What a beautiful composition: it invites the eye to come back again and again.

I hope you'll drop by for a peek at my WW contribution:

I'd like to wish you a wonderful Wordless Wednesday!


2cents said...

gorgeous photo, it's going to be spring soon and we still don't have any snow.

Mine is up at 4 Seasons Of My Hope You can visit me too. TC

ZJ said...