Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wordless Redux

Open for Business

I decided to post this one because JL's comment about Hopper's painting made me think that the picture ought to have diners. There were no diners when I was there but there was one person working (in yellow). Unfortunately the focus is not good.
Thanks for all the comments guys. It does my little heart good.


self taught artist said...

i like the first one, and if the car weren't there even better.
i didn't even notice it was a diner i was so impressed with the photo...i thought it was an enclosed bus stop. i was STUNNED by that photo below and took it all in without being distracted by what is was if that makes sense

Aquarius said...

I thought it was an enclosed bus stop too. I love Hopper's work; it's solitary but not lonely.

Jud said...

Very nice. I have neither the eye nor the hand to be a photographer, so I appreciate the talent and skill in others.