Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are You Saved?

Are You Saved

This is one photo from an ongoing project of mine which is to document the small storefront churches of the south side of Chicago.


jkirlin said...

THAT is one sweet project idea.

*tagged with: Vey cool.*

Sara said...

Hi, I like your project topic.

I also see you are a Nanowrimo winner - it's nice to meet a fellow winner! 2007 was my first attempt - whew, what a marathon...

And I looked at your "Cats" blogs; my cat has a very similar nose to your white and tabby cat, same colorings in the same places.

Best wishes to you for a very good New Year. I don't worry about resolutions these you, I have learned it's okay to be imperfect!

JL said...

I hate to say this, as it seems to reflect badly on race relations in Chicago, (which, let's face it, have traditionally been awful) but truly, you are brave.

Wow. I love your photographs, and you know I do.

Oh; since you are obviously driving around in that neck of the woods, find yourself the Chicago Police Credit Union; stop in and purchase a coffee cup, sticker, etc.

Put them on your car. The only place to get them is the CPCU. If you have them, you are part of the biggest gang in the City.

I worry about you. But go to the Credit Union.

They have promotionals. Go in and tell them you want a promotional for a 'family member'. Leave it in a prominent place, visible, in your car. You will become bulletproof, or as close anyone can get in Chicago.

I still have my coffee cup.