Saturday, January 26, 2008

As I See It

View through my car window

One purpose of photography and writing is to share the world as one sees it. So here you have a look through my car window. The currency exchange and the people waiting for a bus are a typical street corner look. I wish I could photograph the atmosphere more directly but people would object. And they have the right to. I wouldn't want people taking random pictures of me as I go about my daily business. Which puts photography at odds with a person's right to privacy. Did the old time photographers worry about this too?

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Debo Blue said...


I scrolled down to see everything I've missed the past few days, boy was I moved!

I love the posts of Englewood and your commentary about the lives and environments of the residents. The pictures of the boarded homes really drove your narrative.

You asked if you were an amateur historian. I feel one day historians and social scientists will gather all of our blogs and use them to create life during these times. Yours will at least have a pictoral to accompany it.