Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter Weather

Photo Sharks--Winter Sports--does driving to work count?

Commuting to Oak Park

Sometimes you just gotta love it here. We had a hard thaw today and yesterday. There are only small piles of snow left and the mud from the construction workers traipsing through my back yard is quite remarkable. I can't wait to try to reseed the area. So it should come at no surprise after 24 years in Chicago that this will change. Here is a summary of the day's forecast:
Today's High: 50 degrees F. (By the way the record high is listed as 51 degrees in 1968--so this is a very warm day for us).
Tonight's Low: 5 degrees F. I'm not joking. 45 degrees in one day.
We also can expect: wind, thunder showers, snow/blowing snow, light snow showers/wind.
Here is what I can expect while commuting home tonight. If I'm lucky my last few patients will cancel. The -1 temperature is the wind chill factor. Brrrrr!
10pm Snow / Blowing Snow
18°F -1°F (Wind chill) 80% (chance precip) Wind From WNW 34 mph
Hope my car doesn't break down.


Kathe said...

We're getting basically the same temperature drop, only colder. It's only 37°F now, which is only one degree away from our high for the day. And tomorrow's projected high is 7°F. That's going to make for some very slippery walking and driving. I don't have to worry about the driving part, but I'm still planning on staying indoors!

Misplaced said...

I am so glad left Chicago- I admit it, I was too weak to stay.