Monday, January 07, 2008

Tuesday Challenge--If it ain't broke. . .

If it ain't broke

But what do you do if it is already broken beyond repair? Demolish?
The final days of the Stateway Gardens, a Chicago public housing project.


Kathe said...

When I saw this on Flickr, I was going to ask if it was one of the housing projects. Guess this answers my question!

JL said...

Good F----- riddance to all those buildings.

I sat in a brainstorm with Alex Kotlowitz at Northwestern University in a brief period of racial sanity.

After getting back.

I was disappointed in the man, feeling he had a political axe to grind. His thing was, bluntly, "Environment equals Culture". An older Black professor at that meeting exclaimed, involuntarily, "Well, you know, dating a girl in the Projects, when I was growing up, meant your family was on the way up!"

Does your Environment make you what you Are? Are you what you were made to be? Are you?

I remembered that when I was doing BRONZEVILLE. Who betrayed that? Once you moved out, what moved in? Ask Studs Terkel. Trash. Unfathomable trash.

And kids, those buildings were badly maintained by a RACIST system in Chicago. Chicago is RACIST in the worst possible way. It is prone to RACIST explosions.

Once the White maintenance men didn't feel 'at home' those buildings were doomed. Not that the design of them didn't doom them in the first place.

Take them down.

Take them down.

They symbolize the worst that humanity has to offer to any other human.

Take them down.