Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Intriguing Church

Lodebar Church and Ministries

I'm late getting out of the house but at 5 degrees outside (that's Fahrenheit, unfortunately) my motivation is less than ideal.
This church is located in an 1889 building that looks like it came from Normandy. I can't think, though, what the significance of its name is, Lodebar? Sounds like something out of a western mining town.
Stay warm, except for you Aussies who are probably still roasting Down Under.


Jud said...

Lodebar loosely translated means "place of nothing." A place name from the Old Testament, 2 Samuel chap. 9 verse 5.

LN said...

That is some strange architecture.

I admit I've not seen anything quite like it before. The smaller piece to the right in the photo is an obvious later addition, but the 'English Country House' exposed-beam thing combined with dark brick? And the corner entry, meaning it was designed as a commercial storefront on the first floor with living quarters above...

A very eclectic mix of styles. 1889? I'm going to guess the date is inscribed on a visible brick somewhere on the structure.


sarala said...

Thanks for the info Jud. My curiosity now feels satisfied.
LN--I got the date from a website that lists Chicago tax and census info. A fellow photo geek cued me in.
I agree with your assertion the house is odd. I wish I could access more info about it.

A Free Man said...

It's dropped down below 100 today, so we're doing great!