Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fame and Fortune?

Not quite, but someone requested this photo taken at a 2007 fire scene for a website about Chicago area fire fighters.
I am more than happy to share the photo but it suddenly dawned on me. I didn't take the photo! I felt awkward stalking the fire scene with my camera and my son was really excited so I let him wander around taking photos. He was only 9 at the time and still had trouble with the notion you cannot move the camera while shooting but he and I both enjoyed it. Everyone in my family feels that he has the makings of a good photographer but it is hard to get him to pick up his camera.
So here is the issue--do we try to keep his name off the internet? Or do we let him take full and just credit for his work? In all due paranoia, where is the harm? And maybe it will encourage him to take more photos.
Any thoughts?


Kathe said...

Give him credit. *emphatic nod*

Judy Vars said...

Your photos are very interesting I really like the churches.

Snail said...


It's funny how, in this day where everyone else seems to whips out a camera phone at any opportunity, that we're reticent to use our cameras. Is it a fear of 'misery tourism'? I've missed some interesting shots because of this reluctance.

self taught artist said...

use initials if you must, why not?
maybe he will enjoy going on those seedy neighborhood camera shoots of yours :)

Jud said...

I concur...use initials, but I would not want to deprive him of the honor of seeing his photo published with due credit.