Friday, February 27, 2009

Bookshelves: Part 2

Little Journeys

Book 7: The Great Gatsby. I read another book that referred to Gatsby so often I decided I had to finally read this. It is an American classic that some how managed to slip by me as a student. I’m not sure how many other “classic” American authors I’ve managed to avoid reading in my 40 something years. Probably not many. I enjoyed this book. Of course, bought used. Thank heaven my neighborhood is blessed with great used bookstores.
Book 8: Into the Wild. I loved this book. I spoke about it a bit in an earlier post but I’d recommend the book, the movie and the soundtrack. That is a lot of recommendations in one for me.
Book 9: Les Fleurs du Mal. Great poems. Very dark. Baudelaire is one of my favorite poets. I took this out of hiding to post about it but never did. This is a very old edition that I think I bought when I lived in France in the early 80’s.
Book 10: Beautiful Boy. A beautiful book but a heartbreaker. A man writes about his son’s struggle with Methamphetamine addiction. This memoir is painful to read and makes me intensely grateful there isn’t much Meth abuse in Chicago. I have enough on my hands without that!
Book 11: Where the Bluebird Sings, etc. Bought on one of my travels west. I tend to buy books that pertain to my travels but sometimes don’t follow up by actually reading them! It is supposed to be a classic of western writing. I have to get to it one of these days.
Book 12: Anil’s Ghost. I read something by Ondaatje for the writing class I took in Iowa last summer. That was more of a film criticism book but it made me want to know the author better. I didn’t love this book. It is more like Book 1, Disgrace, in that it made me think but still made me feel a bit as if I was reading it out of academic duty not sheer pleasure. I learned a lot about Sri Lanka from it though.

So, do you know a bit more about me now? Probably. See how much one’s shelves reveal?


Annie said...

Beautiful Boy is heart wrenching. Meth is out of control here, and destroys lives in ways that alcohol, pot, and others never will. I used to work with at risk recovering moms and their kids. Speed kills.

A Free Man said...

I was completely obsessed with F. Scott Fitzgerald when I was in my mid 20s. Wanted to replicate the lifestyle that he wrote about. Didn't work out so well.