Tuesday, December 02, 2008

O is for Out There

O is Out There

In search of new sights and new sites for my photography, I have been roaming ever farther south in Chicago and slightly out of Chicago. I've discovered new neighborhoods, small patches of wilderness, factories, boat docks and garbage dumps. The far south side holds onto its authenticity in the way the wealthier suburbs do not.
Small brick cottages line the streets instead of tracts of ranch or faux-colonial homes. Even the awnings have character. Don't you just want to know what enterprising awning salesman convinced half the neighborhood that they needed awnings with their last initial, I guess, on them?

Sweet Home Chicago

The obsessive compulsive collector in me wonders if I could find the whole alphabet. Now that is really out there!

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self taught artist said...

wow that would be a GREAT conceptual art photo project.
i'm waiting!!!!