Thursday, December 11, 2008

London Shop Fronts and All About My Thursday

Last Call

Roaming around the internet (as if I have nothing more important to do), I found this photography blog. It reminds me of what I hope to accomplish with some of my city photos. Anyway, I thought I'd share it.
Speaking of nothing to do: after much ado, I decided to take the day off today. Normally Thursdays are my longest day--I generally work from around 11:30 to 10. Tack on a 35-45 minute commute each way and it makes for a very long day.
The plan for today was go out for a brief photo shoot. The light is beautiful and the snow adds to the effect. I went out yesterday and had a great, if brief, outing. The only catch was the streets were pretty slippery and the sound my anti-lock brakes make as I slide past the stop sign into the intersection isn't pretty!
At 12:30 today I need to pick up my son from school. It's a short day--one of those teacher institute things, I think. Then we do a bit of shopping to work on our costumes and make-up for tonight's dress rehearsal. At 4 my son has his Nutcracker dress rehearsal which I join at 5. I think I might be a little anxious about the performances coming up--they are Saturday and Sunday. Last night I dreamed that I had forgotten the rehearsal today and arrived late and that I lost my costume. Of course, none of those things will really happen.
I feel a bit cheated though because I had to schedule an urgent appointment this morning. This means no photo outing for me. I didn't have to schedule this appointment but it was kinder not to let it wait until next week. So photos will have to wait.
Winter is long and there will be many other opportunities to stalk the snowy streets of the south side.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

that is a good link, thanks for sharing, its like an urban history archive