Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More on this little house

JL pointed out that this is a Sears Craftsman House. I'll take his word for it. What a great bit of architectural history, though. The Cook County Assessor's Office has this picture of the same house posted for 2000. It was in much better shape back then so I "borrowed" the photo.
I can't believe how much I learn off my internet network! Thanks JL and thanks to the Flickr contact who steered me to the county site.


self taught artist said...

hey GRAB THAT WHEEL WOULD YA? wow...seems bizarre that that original photo has an old wagon wheel there.
notice how on the left there are 2 windows but in your picture its like they somehow made it just one?
fascinating the mondrain stuff below. this is interesting stuff woman!!!!!

Debo Blue said...

Told you your pictures tell stories!

sarala said...

Thanks Self and Debo. It makes me feel that my photos are appreciated.

JL said...

Sorry to quibble, but I did NOT say it was from Sears. Almost every larger lumberyard in the Midwest had their own version of the kit house, and Sears was by no means alone in the field.

It's a small Crafstman-style bungalow, and 10-to-1 it's a 'kit', yes, but not necessarily packaged by Sears.

Just clarifying.

sarala said...

JL, I sit corrected!