Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wait, Wait

Wait, wait

What are we all waiting for? Are we waiting in traffic, waiting for the light to change, waiting for the big hand to get to the 2 and the little hand to get to the 6? Wait, there are no hands on this clock! Are we counting the days until school gets out as most kids do? Are we counting the days until our birthday as most little kids do? Or waiting to see if anyone remembers our birthday as some adults have to do? Are we waiting for winter to be over, finally?
Wouldn't it be more zen-like not to wait at all? To always live in the present moment, comfortably enjoying whatever life chooses to send to us? I'd like to do that savoring-thing, wouldn't you? Imagine us all sitting at that stop light full of the joy of present. Perhaps we'd watch a mote of dust flying by our face. We'd banish all road rage and smile sweetly when someone cuts into the bank line ahead of us. The deadline for that raise or tax-refund would pass us by and we would take note, but mildly. We'd smell all the daisies and never mind the hay fever or the bees. The plane might be late to take off, but suddenly sardine-class seems so cozy.
Imagine the practice of medicine--no need to swear after being left on hold for 45 minutes by a managed care company. Think of all the happy patients in the waiting room who have enjoyed the canned music and 3 year old magazines while waiting for you to deal with yet another emergency. And as you show your next appointment in, your patient delightedly comments on how he watched the busy ants in the lobby carrying a half eaten candy bar back to their nest in the building walls.
The irritable, hyperactive children join hands and dance with their siblings expressing their joy to be together. Their tired, overworked teachers bless them for the joy their inattention brings them. The insomniac sings the praise of all those extra hours of awareness his troubles bring him. Depression gives us time to get in tune with our inner self-loathing. We all love the way the panic attacks make every second seem like hours.
Wait, wait, don't hang up now. I have more joy and inner beauty to share with you, really! Not to mention there is this lovely gentleman in Nigeria who needs our financial support. His lawyer can be reached at. . . .


Bonnie Jacobs said...

You said, "I sure hope none of you were waiting for my contribution." Oh, but I WAS, I was!

Tell the "lovely gentleman in Nigeria" I'd be happy to put him in touch with about two or three dozen people in Burkina Faso who have sent me frantic emails in the past month, needing my URGENT help to take millions of dollars off their hands. (I am actually working on a post about these emails to post on Bonnie's Books at http://bonniesbooks.blogspot.com in the next day or so ... lol.)

Some of us with allergies cannot "never mind the hay fever" (ah-CHOOOOOOO!). But the next time I'm stranded in "sardine-class," I'll be smiling because of this post! Worded so nicely, too.

I did respond to your comment at Weekend Wordsmith:

JL said...

That's amazing. I love it.

Speaking as someone who has been in places in which time has stood still...

...or at least since BCE 1389.

self taught artist said...

fun post woman. well thought, well written. hell if we were all in the now we wouldn't have depression and need doctors would we?

White Rose said...

LOL! This was delicious! The last part was the clincher! Oh, I needed a laugh today, thank you!

texasblu said...

Ah yes, action vs holding back - well said!