Sunday, May 11, 2008

Little Bird, Little Bird

Migrants in my back yard

White crowned sparrows--close crop

The white crowned sparrows are migrating through my back yard. Technically the bird in the second photo ought to be called a gray crowned sparrow--which is a variant of the species. I have no idea why the stripes are gray on some birds.
Here are the lyrics to a song the birds bring to my mind:

Little bird, little bird,
In the cinnamon tree,
Little bird, little bird,
Do you sing for me?
Do you bring me word
Of one I know?
Little bird, little bird,
I love her so,
Little bird, little bird,
I have to know. . . .

From Man of La Mancha


Kathe said...

Maybe the grey-headed ones are the females....?

Chris in Happy Valley said...

As you may or may not know, i recently relocated to Australia. One of the first things I noticed - still in a jet lag haze - was the amazing number of birds. I've since put oout a bird feeder and am loving being a novice birdwatcher.

Gorgeous photos.