Sunday, May 18, 2008

Soar v. Crawl

Old Pavers

It sounds like a lawsuit doesn’t it? Today I’m going to argue in favor of crawling. Not that I have anything against soaring, mind you. But some days, you just have to crawl. Not all crawling is a bad thing. In photography, crawling is a macro. You have to get up close, maybe get your knees dirty. Soaring is a photograph of the Chicago skyline from the top of the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. Soaring is a photograph of the Tetons from an airplane window.

Tetons from an Airplane Window

Today I crawled through the streets and alleys of Chicago looking for the right picture. I have a collector’s soul, so I looked to add to my oddball collections of photos: street art, fire escape counterweights, clocks, and eccentric-looking doors. Fortunately digital collections take a lot less space than physical ones. Even so, my laptop groans with the weight of photographs I have stored on it.
Crawling netted me three new clocks, some architectural details and some fascinating street art. Not too bad for a photo outing. Some days you just cannot soar. On those days, crawling will do.


anno said...

Like you, I prefer the closer view. It's good to know I'm not the only one.

Granny Smith said...

Beautiful photographs and sound philosophy. What more could one ask?

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like to crawl too sometimes, its nice to get close to things

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Welcome to Weekend Wordsmith. There is no deadline to any of our prompts, and writers often go back and do several prompts that came before they found the site. I don't know why, but when I came over this morning to visit your blog, I started reading ... and reading ... and reading. I more or less read all your posts for 2008 (yes, I've been here far too long).

If I could have found an email address, I would have sent you the email to myself that I assembled. It contains items like the pelican poem (limerick), the best quote I found here ("the greatest experiment of all—one’s own life"), the Planet Earth Reading Challenge (which I added to the sidebar of my Taking the Challenge blog at, your Relax, Max kitty photo (oh, to be so relaxed), and your NaNoWriMo success (I won with 50,099 words; see I'm definitely NOT ready for publication, not even with tweaking. Everything I've published has been nonfiction, so this venture into novel writing was a new thing for me.

Along with your "possible" New Year's Resolution to "Revise my novel and submit for publication," I picked up on "Make new friends and spend more time with existing friends" and a couple of paragraphs down: "What I feel I am sorely lacking right now is a friend to buy me a cup of coffee and listen to me vent." Can't share a cup of ACTUAL java since Chattanooga is more than arm's length from Chicago, but I've done pretty well over the years sharing cyber tea times with friends I've never met face to face. (Occasionally I get to meet them, like the one coming through Chattanooga this weekend, when we'll get together for lunch at the Back Inn Cafe in Chattanooga's Art District, which you can see here, in you're interested:

Here I am meeting an author (I read a lot ... and write about it):

Anyway, I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist, but I'm a good listener and my profession (before retirement) required complete confidentiality. So feel free to get acquainted, if you're interested, and maybe someday you may want to bend my ear ... or email me at emerging dot paradigm at yahoo dot com.

kidkraft said...

I feel like I have crawled too much of my life away, and it is time I soared.

JL said...

I love paving blocks.