Friday, May 09, 2008

Butterfly Photo

Black Swallowtail (better crop)

I managed an outing and found this lovely fellow in a Chicago cemetery. I believe it is a Black Swallowtail Butterfly. Feel free to correct me if I have the wrong I.D.
This is the same cemetery where I spied a coyote a few months ago. It is interesting how an old cemetery can provide a place for nature to flourish. If only I were a morning person, I'm sure the birding would be great too.


bleeding espresso said...

Gorgeous! I'm always impressed with butterfly photos...they're always so, well, flitting!

JL said...

We're letting the back yard overgrow this year in hopes of getting the wildlife we got last year, before a brainless relative chopped it all down while I was at work to 'help out'.

Also, I've been instructed by my beekeeper friends that my house is well within range of their bees, and that thistles are the absolute best flowers for honeybees.

So I'll let those go, too, and screw the anal retentive neighbors and their manicured lawn.

Butterflies.. lovely.