Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Challenge--Brick

Barr Paver

At some point I would have said, "What's so interesting about a brick?" But like many other things when you really look at something you find a world of interest. Thanks to the internet, it seems like there is an answer to every random question.
I inherited a few old brick pavers with my house. At first I didn't realize they were pavers. I thought they were overly large bricks with the word Egyptian printed on them. Thanks to the internet I now know that people collect these old pavers, reuse them in walks and driveways and otherwise find interest and value in them. I've recycled used brick to line my flower beds and have learned the hard way that not all brick tolerates our Chicago winters. Some of my beds are now lined with brick shards which is considerably less useful and ornamental. The old pavers will almost certainly outlive me, however.

White Crown and Pavers

For more about bricks, check out http://www.brickcollecting.com/. Here is the web site of another collector: this fellow has 1370 unique bricks in his collection which are nicely collated on his web site. Illinois is represented by 36 separate bricks including the three I have photographed--Purington, Barr and Egyptian.

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