Saturday, February 09, 2008

See It Sunday--Child


Craters of the Moon National Park. What child could resist running down that slope?


JL said...

Jesus Christ, lady, I don't know what to do with you.

JL said...

That was kind of rude, really, I was really tired and not thinking all that clearly. But that, again, is a great photograph. The color contrast is striking.

Do you just post the ones you really like, with a much larger body of work, or do you choose your shots carefully, and take mostly single images of any given subject?

Digital cameras make the taking of multiple... uh... exposures? images? a lot easier than previously, without the need for developing, and I get yelled at all the time to take more pictures of any given subject, being so used to film cameras.

Anyway. Just wondering if you edit inside the camera or while taking the pictures themselves.


sarala said...

JL--I wasn't sure I understood the prior comment, but I wasn't offended.
Glad you like the shot.
I take a lot of pictures and post only a fraction to the blog. More go into Flickr and others live only on my computer. You are correct that digital means I can waste a lot of shots without worrying about the expense. It actually makes me a better photographer because I can be less inhibited.

Larry said...

I wouldn't mind running down there myself.-I like it.

Joe said...

I really like the contrast in colors. And, I agree the digital medium really lets one experiment to a larger degree. But, I don't think necessarily that one should think that they have taken 5000 images makes them better, it really is the viewing of images and taking them that really helps people. Simply put, if you just go shoot, then that is all you ever do, but if you actually study as you go, digital can be a lot cheaper and faster to learn on than film. Sorry, to just randomly throw my 2 cents in. Once again, I really like this shot and think the color contrast adds a lot, very nicely done! And, the point of view is very nice for this shot as well.