Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Did You Vote on Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday


JL said...


I voted for Daffy Duck, which was somehow transposed into voting for Richie Daley...

I'm only sort of kidding. We drove into Chicago a couple weeks ago for free day at the M of S&I, and noted the expensive billboards, all of which were pretty funny to anyone who is from Chicago.

My thought is this: with the LCD billboards, are the cells separated, or what? because when a bullet gets fired through one of those cells, then what? How is that fixed?

We'll be back in in 2/08 for the Field Museum, which has free days this month.

self taught artist said...

gee what do you think?

Chris in Oxford said...

I did - even from the UK. I love the whole process! Nice capture, by the way.