Thursday, February 14, 2008

Interesting old house

House on Bowen Drive

I like this building. I guess the squirrel does too.

Building Detail with Squirrel


JL said...

Hmmm... that building had a front porch on it at one point, and the brick was painted at least once with probably a milk- or lead-based paint that has since weathered and washed off.

Also, the wood trim is in surprisingly good shape, except for the squirrel. I have a funny story about squirrels...

Happy Valentine's Day, Sarala.

You've certainly improved my life since finding your blog, so thank you.

self taught artist said...

great find woman, love that detail...absolutely gorgeous.
the front of the building is so pathworky lookin

sarala said...

Thanks guys. I wish I could buy this house and rehab it.