Sunday, February 03, 2008

Interesting Door

Stained-Glass Door


Kathe said...

That IS interesting. Nice find.

bleeding espresso said...

Why yes, yes it is!

self taught artist said...

i want to knock on it
i want to go in
or at least peer
you need to stake this out
and see who lives there

i'm thinking a dark skinned
pleasantly plump middle aged woman
who wears a mystical bejewled turban and tells people things they need to hear

Chris in Oxford said...

Is it a glass door? If so, it's pretty impressive homemade stained glass!

JL said...

That is really neat.

It's probably craft-store glass paint, to make whatever glass they've got to work with 'stained glass' so it's more church-like.

Aquarius said...

That's a gorgeous red.