Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Still way too busy. . . .

Say What

Family obligations, work obligations, a bit of time out for fun, not much for blogging or photography. The Nutcracker is in dress rehearsals and I have to learn how to put on make-up. Being a good feminist I never learned how. They want eye shadow, mascara, foundation and lipstick. (This will be a costly investment--women's cosmetics stink). Apparently otherwise the stage lights make you look like a vampire. I have three performances this weekend. I hope I remember my steps and don't make a fool out of myself.
I also have a cold. And the house is still under construction. As is the office.
The good news is vacation starts in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to a lot of good photos then (and the time to process them).

Happy Holidays.


Kathe said...

Break a leg this weekend. But, please, not literally! And I agree...makeup stinks!

self taught artist said...

yeah good luck with all that...maybe the day you have to do it you could just go get a make up make over at a local department store, free and easy!
nice picture...wanna just remove it and hang it on the wall!

JL said...

Good luck! L still hasn't seen a live version of the Nutcracker, but we're working on it.

Despite an understanding of urban expression, I think whoever invented paint pens should be executed, publicly, on live television.

Just an opinion. In queries to older people, graffiti has always been around; but earlier generations used chalk, which would wash off in the rain, and I think would be far more expressive.

Having to rejuvenate your tags any time water hits your stuff would lead to a much more vital form of expression and tribal marking...

Look at some old photos of street scenes; the graffiti is in chalk.

Debo Blue said...

When in doubt, look down:-)

Have fun and if you ever need help in choosing makeup, I'm your girl!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

i always get a chuckle out of photos like these; how are we to know that this says "stay out of my hood and don't wear blue"?

those chicago photos are amazing too.


Liza's Eyeview said...

Happy Holidays!