Friday, December 21, 2007

No more pencils, no more books. . . .


Vacation arrives. Except for a bit of left over paperwork (unending it seems) I am done with work for the 2007 year! The past week was long and I was weary so I wasn't posting. I also wasn't taking photos or doing anything but recuperating from fatigue, overwork, a head cold and an overly busy social life. I am someone who maybe goes out once a month and had a run two weeks ago of 7 nights out in a row. Two of those nights were my normal work nights but still.
Dancing in the Nutcracker was a fun mix of terrifying and exhilarating. Trying to remember dance steps, to keep a smile plastered on my face, to keep my head up, to not turn my back to the audience, to not miss a musical cue and so on. Three performances in two days for a total of around 36 minutes (estimated) on stage. Then back to work almost before I found the time to wash the mascara and hairspray off.
I sort of put my blogging brain on hold just to get my life back in order. Today I had to clear out my second office because our lease expired on the 31st. I loaded boxes into the back of the car, bought a few holiday gifts and raced back home for school pick up. Now it's laundry, the paperwork, and a whirlwind packing job. Tonight we go to see the Joffrey Ballet perform, what else?, the Nutcracker. I just got the music out of my head! Why would I want to see the Joffrey? Because one of my dearest friends is dancing a child's part in it and we can't miss her. I'll get to see how the pros do "my" scene. I hope I can stay awake. The full Nutcracker is quite long and some of the second act gets a bit slow. In spite of everything I've just said, dance isn't really my "thing". I'd probably enjoy a play more. Still, the Joffrey is quite a spectacle. I wish I could take pictures but that is vehemently not allowed.
Tomorrow if the weather permits, we're off to Seattle. I'll write more and post some pictures.
Happy Holidays to all.


Kathe said...

Have a great vacation, and enjoy your time off!

JL said...

Take care.

self taught artist said...

congrats on doing it, very impressive even without a chaotic schedule.
have a great restful playful vacation.

Debo Blue said...

See you in a few days? Weeks?

Hey, I noticed you won the Nano contest! Great job!

Attila The Mom said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!



Debo Blue said...

Merry Christmas!

Andrée said...

I just read this post. Now I need another nap.