Monday, December 24, 2007

Greeting from the land of never ending rain


Actually the sun came out today but people in Seattle like to scare off the "foreigners" by complaining about the rain all the time. Somehow rain is easier to endure here than in Chicago. Maybe because we know that rain is the worst Seattle has to dish out while we've already had a couple of significant winter storms in Chicago.
I think I overdid things for the past few weeks and my brain decided to shut down temporarily. I hardly have the energy to read, much less to write in my blog. I don't even feel like downloading any photos.


Snail said...

I know the feeling!

Compliments of the season to you. It's mild, still and clear here. Just the weather for lazing, reading and catching up with friends.

Kathe said...

You've uploaded a couple of photos. That should count for something...shouldn't it?

Glad you made the trip safely.

JL said...

Happy Holidays!

Rayne said...

Oh, wow! Beautiful photo. We've been having the same thing here. Lots of freezing rain. Last week Mother Nature hit us with something new. An inch of ice covered with a couple of inches of snow followed with another inche of ice. Our driveway is a total mess, you just can't shovel that stuff.

Chelle & Chel said...

Fabulous picture.

And I totally understand as well. I've been away from blog land for a while, but finally getting back to it. I hope you can get some rest and clear your head soon.