Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Upstart Crow

I am currently sitting in the Upstart Crow Bookstore in a window seat sandwiched between the philosophy section and the books on books section. Life could be worse especially as I have a large iced Americano coffee next to me. The only thing that could make life more perfect would be if they had wireless here.
I think my next book purchase may be from an Oxford series on the seven deadly sins entitled Anger by Robert Thurman. It has a fittingly red cover and a picture of two hands holding a broken pencil. I got it off the philosophy shelf where it is displayed next to Pride (purple), Greed (yellow), and Lust (blue). They have the final three deadly sins as well but Anger suits me best. It seems the most important sin for a psychiatrist to understand.
My meeting is going well although I am not accumulating as much Continuing Medical Education as I might wish due to general sloth on my part (sloth is a light blue deadly sin). Should I buy that book instead? Well, I should probably pay attention to how many books I can carry home and I prefer anger for now.
On the books about books shelf behind me I found a product I want to buy for my once and future work library. It is called a Personal Library Kit {For Bibliophiles}—brackets are part of the title. It includes 30 self-adhesive pockets, 30 insert cards, a genuine pencil, 30 For Reference Only (Do not circulate) stickers and a date stamp and stamp pad. Maybe I’d get more books back if I used these (see my post "On Amazon and Advertising"). The kit comes in a nice little box but weighs a lot. Since they have a web site,, I may wait until I get home to order this. But no one is purchasing from my ads yet so my library is still growing at my own expense.
Speaking of budgets, I learned more about my medical malpractice insurance. The type of insurance I have has changed in recent years. What I hadn’t realized is that it will keep on increasing over the next 3 years to a total of about $19,000.00 a year. I may need to stop going to meetings and buying books soon. I also may need to raise my rates again. Malpractice would need to be an entire additional blog so I’ll leave this for later.
Signing off for now as I have a “Special Interest Group” to go to soon.
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