Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bedtime Story--for Sunday Scribblings

Once upon a time there was a mother. She was usually an ordinary mother, not too tall or too short, but maybe too thin. She had long dark hair and dark eyes that could be too intense. This mom had two sons. Like all moms she thought they were smarter and cuter than all other children, although less well-behaved than most. The mom was pretty smart, a little pretty, and often kind and understanding but none of these things made her special. It was her angry side that made her special to her two boys.
Now, usually anger is a bad thing in a mother. Angry mothers yell, give time outs and take away privileges like Game Boy time. But this mother needed to be angry because her house was infested. Little infestations like mice, roaches and termites are easy to solve. You buy a cat or hire an exterminator. Once the carcasses are gone, all is well.
This house was infested with something extraordinary. It had monsters.
These were the kind of monsters that preferred to live in little boys’ bedrooms. They liked to hide under the bed or in the closet and would make strange rustling noises at night. The boys were sure the monsters were green, scaly and had large fangs. Of course they never saw them. Monsters are too smart and always hide when you look at them directly. But you know they are there, peering at you through the crack in the closet door. And they never came out when it was light. Keeping the closet light on helped a little but the monsters just went under the bed then.
Every night after lights out, the little boys would call their mother in to the room to sleep with them. Every night the mother would say, “Go to sleep. There is no such thing as monsters.” But the boys knew better and the mother always wound up sleeping with them.
Once in a while the mother thought she could hear the monsters too, but every time she checked under the bed there were no monsters there. In fact, she never saw them, no matter how vigilant she was. The monsters were always sneakier. And every night the mother became a little more tired and every day she became a little more cranky.
This went on for some months until one evening the mother finally lost her temper. “Come out you monsters!” she screamed. And they did. So she bit their noses off and they ran away never to return again.
The little boys still wanted their mother to sleep with them but they knew the monsters were gone for good. Every now and then they let her sleep by herself because they had a healthy respect for her anger and did not want their noses bitten off too.
So everybody in the house slept better and they lived happily ever after. Except for the noseless monsters.
The End

Read this story to your kids.

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Barb said...

Priceless.. I loved every word.